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About Toogee Martial Arts

The name Toogee Martial Arts is derived from the Korean term for

Fighting Spirit

Our base Martial Art is traditional, military-style Korean Taekwondo.

Toogee Martial Arts loosely follows and teaches the Chang-Hon (ITF style) system, including the Chon-Ji Tuls (Hyung / patterns) and also teach the Kukkiwon (Olympic style) system, including the Taeguk Poomsae (forms).

We incorporate aspects of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Kali into the core Taekwondo curriculum to round out our self-defence program.

Toogee Martial Arts has locations across New South Wales, Queensland and Papua New Guinea offering a range of programs to suit your needs. Our headquarters is located at Raymond Terrace in Port Stephens, NSW and offers martial arts programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Here's what some of our students think

I joined Toogee Martial Arts Calliope about 4 years ago to build up my confidence and help bring me out of my shell after an incident at school. During these years, I have learned discipline, respect and responsibility. I have achieved many goals along the way, and built good relationships with my peers and instructors. If you are looking to make new friends, gain confidence and discipline, I highly recommend joining TMA. Thank you for all you've given me
Yudanja Bonnee - Calliope
The Instructors at Toogee are very knowledgeable and there's a class for everyone in the family. I walked in one day on a whim and have never looked back, finding Toogee has truly been life changing! It's a great privilege to have the opportunity the train with Grand Master Frost.
Elise - Raymond Terrace
Joined with my son almost 2 years ago to help build some self confidence for both of us. Had so much fun that my whole family have signed up to. Love being able to train alongside my kids and husband. Is a great environment and so family friendly for all ages. The instructors are amazing and so encouraging. Definitely recommend coming along and giving it a go.
Liz - Medowie
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