Toogee Martial Arts Port Moresby – POMTEC

Toogee Martial Arts offering the best of ITF (Chang-Hon) Taekwondo, WT (Kukkiwon) Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Promoting Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Good Health and Fitness. All Instructors are certified through the International Martial Arts Training and Accreditation Council, hold current Working with Children Check, current Senior First Aid and Anti-Bullying / Anti Discrimination Certificates. Toogee Martial is affiliated with the IMATAC, ITF, Kukkiwon and Australian Taekwondo, World Taekwondo PNG. Toogee Martial Arts is an accredited Sporting Schools Taekwondo Kickstarters provider.

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Learn Taekwondo in Port Moresby – POMTEC in an environment that is accessible, fun, and safe for everyone.

Come and learn a proven system for self-defense
Taekwondo in Port Moresby – POMTEC