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2nd Dan Instructor

Veronica Frost

My name is Veronica Frost, daughter of Grand Master Robert Frost.

I started my Taekwondo journey at about 3 years old (very cute!). I took a break when I was 10 in favour of dance, gymnastics & horse riding.
In 2017 I resumed my training full time to work towards my goal of Black Belt. Having escaped domestic violence, I wanted to be better equipped to defend myself if the need ever arose again.

At the age of 38, I was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt. I couldn’t have been more proud of my achievement. My 2 children have reached 1st grade & one day maybe Black Belt too!
I became an instructor in my home region, running classes in Booral & Dungog, and now Stroud. There is still so much to learn but studying Martial has built my self-confidence, respect and discipline which I am very grateful for.

I was promoted to 2nd Dan Instructor on 29th October 2022

When I’m not training I enjoy singing & playing the piano, acting in TV commercials and running my own business in Cosmetic Tattooing. I love coffee & a variety of international cuisines, which comes from many domestic and overseas trips since my early teens.

I love to have something to look forward to and am always learning something new. I have always had a keen interest in languages, particularly sign language. I am now learning Auslan so that I can help people in the deaf community learn Martial Arts with us.