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5th Dan Instructor

Sabrina Gibson

I have been a childcare educator for over 20yrs and I like fishing, sewing, reading and cooking along with Instructing our fantastic Toogee Martial Art students. My husband Master Kelly introduced me to Taekwondo over 20yrs ago in Cairns to Kukkiwon (WTF) taekwondo and for the past 19 years we have been training and instructing Toogee Martial Arts (TMA).

TMA is a well developed, all rounded Martial Art covering all aspects of self-defence, discipline, attitude and self-control (just to name a few). This is what drew us to TMA in the first place and probably why we are still training under the local legend and founder of TMA, Grand Master Frost.

I am 5th Dan Black Belt Instructor, promoted by GM Frost on 29th Octorber 2022 and I instruct at the Windsor Dojang, Western Sydney. Along our journey with TMA, we have opened new classes in Nelson Bay, Townsville and currently Windsor. I look forward to seeing you soon and hopefully you to will enjoy this great family comradeship of TMA.