As a part of the ongoing work on the new website, I am currently putting together a page for instructors to assist with the management of certain aspects of their Dojangs/pages.

Under the ‘Members’ menu, you will find a menu item “Dojang Management” (at the time of writing, this menu item has the wording “TEST MODE” appended to the end).

Clicking on this menu item will take you to the following page – Dojang Management

Dojang Management Page

Note: These options are only available to Branch Instructors and above (Regional, Master, etc.). If you do not see this menu item, you do not have the correct permissions to access this page. If you believe this is an error, please submit a Support Ticket.

If you are able to load this page but do not see any options available, again it may be a permissions issue. Please submit a Support Ticket


Adding a new student

Add a Student FormClicking the Add New Student button will present a pop-up form where you can quickly add a student to the system. Complete the form and click the “Add Student” button. Please note that all fields are required.

The student will have been added to the system, but their profile will need to be completed. Once you have added all students, go to the Members menu and click on Students and search for your newly added student. Click on the “Edit Profile” button under their name to complete their profile.

Adding a New Dojang

This option is in alpha testing mode at the moment so you may not be able to see this button on the page. If you can, please ignore it for now.


This document will be updated as new features/bug fixes are added. If you find any errors, bugs, or something doesn’t work as you expected, please submit a Support Ticket

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