Uploading student photos taken on a smartphone or tablet device

When uploading student photos that were taken on a smartphone or tablet device, there is a minor issue with WordPress where the image is sometimes rotated even though the original photo was taken in the correct orientation. If you come across a photo that won’t upload in the correct orientation, you can work around the […]

Dojang Management

Dojang Management Page

As a part of the ongoing work on the new website, I am currently putting together a page for instructors to assist with the management of certain aspects of their Dojangs/pages. Under the ‘Members’ menu, you will find a menu item “Dojang Management” (at the time of writing, this menu item has the wording “TEST […]

Existing Students Password Reset

If this is your first time logging in to Toogee’s online system, please Submit a Support Ticket including the following information: Student’s Name Student’s Email Address Dojang/Class Name Student Number (if known) A support team member will get back to you as soon as possible with instructions on resetting your password for the first time […]