About Toogee Martial Arts

The name Toogee Martial Arts is derived from the Korean term for

Fighting Spirit

Our base Martial Art is traditional, military-style Korean Taekwondo.

We loosely follow and teach the Chang-Hon (ITF style) system, including the Chon-Ji Tuls (Hyung / patterns).

We also teach the Kukkiwon (Olympic style) system, including the Taeguk Poomsae (forms).

We incorporate aspects of JiuJitsu, Muay Thai and Kali into the core Taekwondo curriculum to ’round-out’  our self-defence program.

We teach Brazilian Jiujitsu (in some locations)

We teach Muay Thai (in some locations)

We teach Kali (in some locations)

We teach some traditional Korean and Japanese weapons (in some locations)

We teach Fighting for Stage and Screen (Stunt Fighting) at our HQ Dojang

We run Martial Arts classes for People with Disabilities

We run Cardio Kickboxing classes (in some locations)

We run Women’s Self Defence classes (in some locations)

We run Mums with Bubs classes (in some locations)

At our Headquarters Dojang we offer Kinder Ninja, Little Ninja, Dragon and Warrior classes to cater for all age groups.